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About Us

Processing of businesses data & keeping a record of their monthly transactions and providing financial reports needed for business loans, expansions, and tax preparation, etc.

Processing of employees time and pay, payroll taxes for both employees and employers, direct deposit, payroll reports, W-2’s, 1099’s, sick leave, vacation, and other reports associated with payroll.

Tax Preparation
Processing of income tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, LLC’s, LLP’s,
non-profits, etc. Preparation of Annual Reports, Property tax, Payroll tax, and Sales Tax reports for businesses.

An engagement compiling of a business financial data provided by the owner or management to prepare financial statements for use by third parties such as banks, investors, etc. which also adds credibility to the business financial statements. This engagement is limited in scope, and offers no assurance or opinion but expresses that the financials appear to be appropriate in form and free from material errors. This is a low cost service verses a review or audit for small, private, or nonprofit companies.

A limited scope which includes the compiling of financial data plus the review of financial statements, policies & procedures, management & board decisions to determine if there are any material modifications but is less in scope than an audit and offers no assurance nor express an opinion. The cost for this service is much less than an audit and adds credibility to the business financial statements for use by third parties for small, private, nonprofit or nonprofit companies.

Incorporating & Organizing
Processing articles of incorporation for a business and processing the articles of organization for limited liability companies, partnerships, etc. and filings with proper authorities to get the business up and running in a timely manner.

Forensic Analysis
Provides internal investigation and analysis of businesses and nonprofits for suspected fraud or inappropriate accounting procedures on behalf of boards of directors, corporate officers, and business owners or management, and provide expert witness or affidavits in court cases to client companies.

Strategic Financial Planning
Consulting engagement for businesses to determine a plan for its company’s goals for financial resources, human resources, money, assets, and investments. Often a change or addition to financial policies and procedures may be needed to implement specific financial goals of the company.

Other Agreed Upon Services
Billing, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable services provide the back-office support to small businesses to help them save time and money while concentrating on their business.